Download the Latest Version Of Opentape (.zip)

  • Nov 17, 2008: Small maintenance update (0.12) changes
  • Sep 16, 2008: Mega-maintenance update (0.11) changes
  • Aug 24, 2008: Initial release (0.1)


1. Download zip file, unzip it.
2. Upload the unzipped files and folders into a folder on your website
3. Open
4. Create a password when requested, upload songs.

You may receive a warning about the songs/ and settings/ folders not being writeable. Check with your webhost about how to make them writeable by the web server. This is required for Opentape to work.

More issues installing? Let us know in the forum.


1. Download new version of Opentape, unzip it.
2. Replace index.php and the code/ and res/ folders in your install.


Apache 1.x, 2.x with PHP 5. Many other webservers will do fine as well.
PHP 5-curl extension is required for update notification and publishing to the Opentape Discovery Network.

Supported/Tested Browsers

Firefox 3.0.1/OS X
Opera 9.52/OS X
Safari 3/OS X

Opera 9.52/Win
Safari 3/Win
IE 7/Win
IE 6/Win (styles have errors)

Also in the package

These components make Opentape work:
Services_JSON PEAR module
JW Flash audio player

Need help?

We are currently setting up the usual infrastructure that supports open source projects: forums, wikis, subversion, etc. Meanwhile, email Installation support will not be provided, but if you have a patch, do send it in and it will be published.